S/Y Christopher Columbus III reg.nr. OU2040 is for sale: 198.000 EUR


S/Y CC III is a Columbie 451 with modified keel. The sail yacht was designed by Petter G. Lie and constructed by Lars Olsen, who has also designed the modified keel. The actual keel modification was done at Sletten shipyard, where a smaller wing keel was added to the back of the existing keel, this makes the keel feel like it has a depth of 260 cm. instead of 210 cm.

The sailing yacht was built in 1984/85 at Stege Plastværk and equipped at Buchwald Yachtværft under supervision and approval by Norwegian Veritas. The first 4 years it sailed with crew in the Mediterranean. After this it went into Bare-boat charter and in 1991/92 it was sailed back to Denmark.
Here it has ever since been maintained by experienced sailors, with the need craftsmen background, as if it was their own boat. CC III is therefore today in a very nice condition, even though it is still used for Bare-boat charter.

It is a very robust sail yacht that can be used for sailing anywhere, even for round the world trips or house boat.

The sailing yacht is well equipped and all needed equipment for 12 people are included.

CC III is registered in the Danish ships register: OU2040

If you are interested please contact Claus Flach +45 40 10 16 08 for a presentation and a test sail.