Sailing in the Nordic waters
Welcome on board  
We hope to be able to welcome you aboard the S/Y Christopher Columbus III. You can expect one to several weeks of adventures in luxurious conditions. The yacht is specially constructed for charter sailing - as it is very seaworthy and easily manoeuvrable. The yacht can be sailed by two experienced sailors, but bring along the family and friends - there are room for 10 - 12 people aboard.
An adventures cruise  

Onboard the yacht you will be able to sail the Danish waters and experience Denmark from the sea side. Try for set sails to sail into Limfjorden, around in the South Fyen archipelago, under our beautiful bridges, past Møns Klint or round Ellsinore with Kronborg (castle of Hamlet) on starboard side.

Or take a trip through the Swedish archipelago or experience the peculiar nature passing Marstrands red houses. Or sail to Norway with Sørlandets magnificent nature. You can also sail towards the east through the Falsterbo-canal to Bornholm, Christiansø or maybe even Øland and Gotland.

If you have plenty of time it is a great experience to return through the Swedish canals, great lakes back into Kattegat, before you return to Ellsinore.

The opportunities are many it is only the imagination that sets the limits.